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Vacuum Forming

   Alpha Foam has twenty years of experience in plastic sheet extrusion and vacuum forming products. At present, there are two extrusion lines having the ability to produce specialty sheets like ABS with mat finish, ABS TPU coated, ABS with acrylic coatings and Polypropylene sheets with soft touch top coat. The sheeting lines are equipped with co-extruders ,which enables us to add these coatings. We also have the knowledge and ability to produce Noryl sheets in various colors.

   Alpha Foam has acquired a good experience in producing high quality vacuum forming parts. a) ABS parts b) Polypropylene deep draw parts. To achieve this, we have automated and improved our machines for very precise temperature control. The machines have been automated to achieve high level of vacuum control. This has provided us the ability to make vacuum formed parts with high precision deep draw and uniform thickness.

   The vacuum formed parts are produced from CNC machined, aluminium moulds. This has enabled us to achieve high precision and quality for our components with a tolerance of 0.5mm. These are comparable or better than injection moulding parts. Some of the applications are:
  • Mud guards
  • Mud liners
  • Stone guards
  • Engine noise shields
  • Side shields
  • Interior parts for cars and buses
    1. Pillar trims
    2. Door trims
    3. Side trims
    4. trays
    5. Hood
    6. Roof trims
  • Instrument Panels
   There are eleven fully operational vacuum forming machines with a maximum bed size of 2500x1500x450mm (LXWXH)

Sheet Thickness: 1mm to 6mm.

Colours: Customized color matching is possible through our facility. We have developed numerous colors for our customers and have a well maintained stock of the required master batches. The photo gallery displays the various components produced at our plant.

   The sheets produced by us fulfill specifications as per IS 15061, UL-94, and FMVSS 302. UV requirement for the outdoor and indoor automation parts is achieved by adding various master batches from our suppliers.