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3.2 SMMS Line Started


   Alpha nonwovens. Soon to be an entity in the country field of technical textile. Nonwovens a term used in the textile manufacturing industry to denote fabrics which are neither woven nor knitted. They are typically manufactured by putting small fibers together in the form of a sheet or web and binding them either mechanically or thermally.


Nonwoven plants has capacity to produced 650 tons per Month.

Testing Facility

In house lab equipped with sophisticated equipment for testing
1. Hydrostatic hydro head.
2. Wet and rewet.
3. Repeated strike through.
4. Run off
5. Tensile strength.
6. Elongation.
7. GSM and Thickness.

Spunbond Industrial

    Spunbond Industrial fabrics produced by Alpha Foam have a high degree of uniformity and excellent mechanical properties resulting in good fabric strength. This fabric is designed to withstand high stress required for industrial as well as commercial use.
  • Basis weight   : 17-180gsm
  • Slit width        : 150-1600mm
  • Colours          : Individual customer requirement

Spunbond Hygiene

     Spunbond Hygiene fabrics produced by Alpha Foam have a high degree of uniformity, excellent mechanical properties and soft touch fabric. Specially designed for hygiene industry needs, these fabrics are key functional components of today’s modern hygienic products: baby care, feminine care, and adult incontinence products.
  • Basis weight  : 10-100gsm
  • Slit width  ;     : 150-1600mm
  • Treatments       : Hydrophilic,Hydrophobic, Softening, Antistatic,AloeVera
  • Colours       : Individual customer requirements


   SMS fabric produced by Alpha Foam has a high degree of uniformity combined with excellent mechanical strength, fluid barrier and softness properties. Specially designed for medical and hygiene industry’s fluid barrier needs, these fabrics are key functional components in today’s medical and hygiene products: Baby care, Feminine care and adult incontinence products, medical gowns, wraps and drapes.
  • Basis weight : 10-120 gsm
  • Slit width : 150-1600mm
  • Treatments : Hydrophilic, hydrophobic, Softening, Antistatic
  • Colours : Produced to individual customer requirement


   Alpha Foam has installed a high quality spunlace line with a crosslaper. Our machine configuration enables us to manufacture spunlace fabric with good mechanical properties in both directions. This high strength fabric is used widely in automotive, filtration, hygiene and medical industry. Alpha Foam is the only company in India to supply spunlace fabric that can be used in applications requiring high tensile and tear properties. We manufacture fabric for following application:
  • Wipes and cleaning material
  • Medical covers and gowns
  • Material above 100GSM to be used in automotive seats and trims.
  • Coated spunlace for roof lining of cars.
   We also manufacture hydrophobic and hydrophilic spunlace material. Polyester and viscose blends in different combinations can be manufactured at our facility. 100% Polyester Spunlace fabric is best suited for Geo bags and Geo textile fabric used in road construction and water proofing, while viscose is better suited for water retention and skin touch applications.

Melt Blown

   Melt blown nonwoven fabric is produced from high MFI polymeric material by blowing air at high temperature and pressure. This process produces very thin fibers which are laid on the conveyor. This fabric is used for breathing masks, Hepa filters and oil absorption.

Coated Fabrics

   Alpha Foam is having high quality coating line to coat the nonwoven fabrics from 15 to 30 GSM of LDPE, Polypropylene or TPU. Our processing expertise enables us to manufacture very soft feel fabric for hygiene and medical industry. Hydrophilic coated fabrics are also produced by us.